John Waters
John Waters was born in Maryland on April 22, 1946.

Baltimore can be a pretty strange place to grow up. Located dead center between the North and the South, it's a working class town with big attitude, and even bigger hair-do's. Luckily for John, 1960's Baltimore had a few saving graces. Here he would meet the men and women willing to work in front of and behind the camera on his self-written, self-produced and independently financed movies.

Waters went from a local boy making cheap, underground movies -- finding local talent at local bars, getting arrested, and being thrown out of collge -- to a local man making counter-culture comedies within the Hollywood system. Staying true to his roots, all of his films were shot on location in Baltimore, tapping into his loyal cast and crew, the Dreamlanders, financed by minimal-to-modest budgets.

Waters writes all his own films. Filth and debauchery take center stage in all his screenplays, against a backdrop of sincerity, family and innocence. Invoking the America of the late 50's and early 60's, he reveres the trappings of the American dream, while making heroes of cheap girls, effeminate men and felons.

John is also an accomplished writer, photographer and visual artist. He has published multiple volumes of his journalistic exploits, screenplay collections, and his artwork is regularly exhibited in the upper echelons of galleries and museums around the world.

Of course, he is most well known for breaking boundaries of acceptable filmmaking. Drugs, queers, abortion, religion - nothing is sacred in his field of vision. When asked about it, he says "secretly I think that all my films are politically correct, though they appear not to be. That's because they're made with a sense of joy." And perhaps that is why so many people from around the world find joy in his work.
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