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John Waters and Pat Moran in the Senator Theater
Patricia Hearst and Pat Moran in the Senator Lobby
Baltimore, September 14, 2004

"Perverts are taking over this neighborhood!"

So says Big Ethel in John Waters' latest contribution to the world of cinema. And it couldn't have been more apropos as both black-tie and biker gangs showed up to fete the release at the world premiere in Baltimore last week.

Once again, John honored his hometown by debuting his film at the legendary Senator Theater. And as has been the case with his other premieres, the screening and after party were a benefit for AIDS Action Baltimore, raising a much needed $80,000 for the local service provider.

There was tremendous energy as the patrons filled their seats, while out on the sidewalk, the film's stars walked the red carpet. Johnny Knoxville, Selma Blair, Suzanne Shephard, Mink Stole, James Ransone and John were present for the unveiling of another commemorative square on the Senator's famous sidewalk.

And Maryland Film Office Director Jack Gerbes presented John with a painting of two squirrels, which we were ensured would make sense after we'd seen the film. And boy did it ever.

I will avoid spoilers and just say that the movie was a hoot. The audience gasped, guffawed and gagged as the tale of Hartford Road sex addicts unfolded. All around us, the locals were shouting out the names of their friends as they appeared on screen.

Also in attendance, and in the film, were Dreamland cast and crew legends such as Mary Vivian Pearce, Channing Wilroy, Susan Lowe, Vince Peranio, Pat Moran, Delores Delux, Patricia Hearst and Jean Hill.
While leaving the theater, my friends and I happened upon Jean Hill who had been perched in an aisle seat during the screening along with her sister. Jean is getting around just fine these days, although she still requires the use of a wheelchair and oxygen tank. She was delighful and charming and happily posed for pictures with fans and friends who hadn't seen her in ages.

Miss Jean Hill

Me and Jean
Mr and Mrs Waters were in attendance, and seemed a bit shellshocked by all the attention they were getting. John even exclaimed that they would never have seen this movie, if it hadn't been directed by their own son!

Mr. Waters

Mrs. Waters

Selma Blair and Todd Oldham
Once the filth subsided and the credits rolled, everyone made their way downtown to the swank Walters Art Museum for the after party. Surrounded by nude statues of romans and greeks, the crowd was a fantastic combination of high brow and low lifes. Great food, open bar, and a trashy soundtrack courtesy of DJ Miss Guy kept the party going till after midnight.

Seen in the crowd were Paper Magazine columnist and film buff Dennis Dermody, designer Todd Oldham, cast members Liam Hughes and Wes Johnson, and Dreamland Correspondents Alana Miller and Jim Hollenbaugh.

Even Judge Elsbeth Bothe was there, who confessed that she got John in her courtroom on obscenity charges way back when they were filming Mondo Trasho, and she let him go!

Once the party broke up, folks filed out into the streets of Mount Vernon. The bikers jumped on their hogs and revved their engines before heading up to the Holiday House, their local hangout where portions of the film were shot.

Bikers en route to Holiday House

Jay, Beaker and Nicky

MORE PICTURES from the party!

Channing Wilroy

Mary Vivian Pearce

Mink Stole and Me

John in the lobby

Vincent Peranio and Delores Delux

Suzanne Shepherd

Judith Pringle and Jean

Mink, Jean and Pat Burgee

Bertha's Boy

John, Todd and Dennis Dermody

DJ Miss Guy

James Ransone and Sarah

Inside the Senator

Outside the Senator
Bizarre Barbie Sculpture in Senator Lobby



All photos on this page by Jeff Jackson and Noel Alicea.

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