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As you know, I've made it a personal project to track down all the songs -- or as many as possible -- from John Waters' movies. Although I've researched the music in each and every Dreamland movie, I've mainly concentrated on the most music-heavy films: especially Mondo Trasho and Hairspray.

Besides Mondo and Hairspray there is another film which has certainly kept me busy: A Dirty Shame. There are at least THIRTY songs in this movie, only 14 of which are on the soundtrack. Through some detective work, I've managed to track down about 10 more. But there are some which have me stumped.

This is where I need the help of the Dreamland community. Here's what I'm looking for:

* "Captain Chipmunk" by The Chipmunks. This was apparently part of a CD called "The Chipmunks 35th Birthday," which is now out of print and goes for $50 on Ebay. I can't afford fifty bucks for one song, so if anyone could supply me with a copy that would be great.

* "Teddy Bears on Parade" by the Peter Pan Players. This was a apparently children's record released as a 45 RPM single. I have no idea how to get a copy.

* "Hello Darling" by Chris Mitchell. Absolutely no information available. An internet search only turns up the IMDB page for A Dirty Shame.

* Goo Goo Da Da" by the Carlises. This is available on CD from Venerable Music, but it's $15 -- which is still out of my price range for one song. That's a shame because this is one of my favorite songs in the movie.


* "The I-95 Asshole Song" by August Campbell. I have a version credited to someone named Fred Campbell, and it sounds just like the one in the movie. Anyone know the story here?

* "On Top of Spaghetti" by Tom Glazer. I should be able to round up a copy of this, but it never hurts to have a back-up plan. Anyone have an MP3?

* "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box" by Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts. This gets complicated. Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts are apparently a cover band. I actually have the original version of this song by the Bangers, and it sounds very much like the one in the movie. The Doug Clark version is long since out of print, and CDs with "Bang Your Box" are expensive Ebay items. Anyone have the Doug Clark version?

Any help you could offer would be most appreciated.


Joe Blevins

[Note: If you'd like to get in touch with Joe, please email me and I will forward your message on to him. - Jeff]

The Music in Waters Films
by Joe Blevins

"CBD" has yet to play at a theater anywhere near me, so listening to the soundtrack album is as close as I've come to it. Normally, John Waters' soundtrack albums are wonderful to listen to. "Pink Flamingos," "Hairspray," "Cry-Baby," and "Pecker" all made for teriffic CDs. The "Serial Mom" soundtrack is a bit thin -- only two songs, plus a nice instrumental score. Still, the inclusion of L7's "Gas Chamber" makes the album worthwhile, since Waters himself wrote the lyrics.

The "Cecil" soundtrack left me feeling a bit cheated. It's only 31 scant minutes in length, and it is almost nothing like Waters' previous soundtracks. The only typical Waters selection is "Ciao!" by Liberace, which is probably the most listenable song on the album. Moby's "Opening Credit Theme" is beginning to grow on me, although I wish he had used his samples a bit more creatively. He merely takes excerpts from "Music For Movies 1" and slathers them onto a techno backing track, without much thought for how the two elements combine -- disregarding such elements as rhythm, meter, and tempo. Still in all, this is the second most listenable song on the album.

In regards to the rap songs (cowritten by Waters), well... I like the gimmick of combining gangsta rap posturing with the theme of cinema extremism, but "Bankable Bitch" and "No Budget" are really one-joke novelty songs that I can't imagine listening to more than a few times. I don't hate rap, but these songs aren't exactly stellar examples of the genre. The backing tracks, for instance, are fairly mundane. Maybe a good remix could save them.

I'm glad Waters is still writing lyrics for songs, but his contributions to the "CBD" soundtrack just don't compare to his past work: the "Female Trouble" theme, "Straight Boys," "Gas Chamber," and "Don't Drop the Soap For Anyone Else But Me."

The songs by Meatjack and the Locust all sound alike to me -- just loud, aggressive noise-rock. There's no wit or humor to distinguish these songs or make them memorable in any way. "Chow" by Jerome Dillon falls in that category, too. Yawn.

"Demented Forever" (again co-wrtten by Waters) is another odd novelty number I probably won't listen to that often. I'm not exactly sure *why* this song is performed as a midtempo R&B ballad, but the cinema-obsessed lyrics are somewhat amusing. The track goes on way too long and runs out of ideas way before the five-minute mark. One minor gem on the album is the instrumental "Sprocket Holes Theme" by Zoe Poledouris, which I hope is used to good effect in the movie.

All in all, if I were evaluating the Waters soundtracks, I'd say:
SERIAL MOM...............B-

("Pink Flamingos" would be an A+ if Waters hadn't had to change some of the musical selections from the original movie for legal reasons. "Hairspray," too, would be an A+ if it weren't missing so many important songs from the movie. Still in all, there's great music on both CDs.)

Some of you may already know this, but I've got an ongoing John Waters music project going. See, there are *lots* of great songs used in JW's movies (the early ones are especially music-heavy), but only a handful of his movies have soundtrack albums: Hairspray, Cry-Baby, Pink Flamingos, Serial Mom, and Pecker.

Those albums all kick ass (if you don't own each one of 'em, shame on you)! However, even THEY have songs missing. The Hairspray album, for instance, doesn't contain any Chubby Checker songs, even though Chubby's music is very prominent in the film ("Dancing Party," "The Pony," etc.) Cry Baby doesn't contain "He's in the Jailhouse Now" by Webb Pierce. Serial Mom doesn't contain "Tomorrow" from Annie. Many of JW's movies don't even HAVE soundtrack albums!

My project has been to find all the songs that were used in JW movies and which aren't available on those five soundtrack albums. Also, "Cry Baby" contained a few songs that were remakes of other songs, and in those cases, I'm trying to find the originals upon which those were based. (Like "Mr. Sandman" by the Chordettes).

Beyond just finding the songs, I always try to get the right version that's actually used in the movie. For instance, the Little Richard songs used in Mondo Trasho all come from a 60s live album. In later movies (Pink Flamingos) he used the studio recordings of those songs.

Sometimes, there are alternate versions of the whole movie. The music in the 1972 version of Pink Flamingos, for instance, is different in spots than the 1997 version. (The song "Sixteen Candles" is used in the first version but not the second.) The TV version of Cry Baby has some extra songs, too.

Sometimes, this attention to detail blows up in my face. One big example is the Chubby Checker songs from Hairspray. Chubby's original recordings are out of print now because of copyright problems. The recordings you find on CD by him today are cheesy 80s remakes. (They're easy to spot because they're in stereo instead of mono.) Anyhow, when I found that my CD didn't contain the real 60s recordings, I took it back to the store. Then, I went to a used record shop and got a used copy of a Chubby Checker greatest hits albums with the real recordings. Imagine my chagrin when I listened closely to the music in Hairspray and found that JW didn't use the 60s recordings! He used the cheesy 80s remakes instead! Aaarrggghhh!!

What I'm asking from you guys and gals is help finding songs. I've already collected dozens of songs, but there are still many more missing. Sometimes, I can't even identify the songs used in his movies. (ESPECIALLY the instrumentals in the early movies!)

Please: scour through your record collections and rewatch JW's movies on videotape. Try to identify all the songs you can. If you have some of these songs in your collection or if you think you have some information that might be of use to me, PLEASE E-MAIL JEFF JACKSON and he will forward the message on to me!

Soon, I'll compile a more complete list of the songs I've already tracked down and which I'm still looking for, but here are some of them.

Code (what movie it's used in):

[MT] Mondo Trasho

[MM] Multiple Maniacs

[PFO] Original Pink Flamingos

[PF25] Pink Flamingos 25th anniversary version

[FT] Female Trouble

[DL] Desperate Living

[PY] Polyester

[HS] Hairspray

[CB] Cry-Baby

[CBR] Songs that were remade for Cry-Baby

[SM] Serial Mom

There doesn't need to be a code for "Pecker," since its soundtrack album is complete... I think.


  • "Lollipop" - The Chordettes [MT]

  • "Two Faces Have I" - Lou Christie [MT]

  • "Keep Your Hands Off My Baby" - Little Eva [MT]

  • "Pony Time" - Chubby Checker [HS]

  • "The Fly" - Chubby Checker [HS]

  • "Let's Twist Again" - Chubby Checker [HS]

  • "Limbo Rock" - Chubby Checker" [HS]

  • "Dancing Party" - Chubby Checker [HS]

[NOTE: for all Chubby songs, I still need the generic 1980s versions. They're widely available in stores on CD. You can tell if the CD is in stereo if they're the modern recordings. The stereo recordings are the ones I'm looking for, even though they suck. I had a CD of this once, and I took it back. Now I wish I had it again, because they're the ones he used. You can especially tell in the "Limbo Rock" scene because the guitar intro has one wrong note in the 1980s version.]


  • "Jack the Ripper" - Link Wray [MT]

  • "The Girl Can't Help It (live)" - Little Richard [MT]

  • "Mashed Potato Time" - Dee Dee Sharp [HS]

  • "Slow Walk" - Sil Austin [MT - used over and over again]

  • "Jailhouse Rock" - Elvis Presley [MM]

  • "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You" - Elvis Presley [MT]

  • "Just Because" - Elvis Presley [MM]

  • "We're Off to See the Wizard" - Wizard of Oz [MT]

  • "Gee" - The Crows [CB]

  • "Duke of Earl" - Gene Chandler [HS]

  • "Sixteen Candles" - The Crests [PF]

  • "Come and Go With Me" - The Dell Vikings [MT]

  • "Blue Moon" - The Marcells [MT]

  • "He's in the Jailhouse Now" - Webb Pierce [CB]

  • "Get a Job" - The Silhouettes [MT]

  • "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" - The Shangri Las [MT]

  • "See You Later Aligator" - Bill Haley [MT]

  • "Dig" - Nervous Norvus [FT] (this is so cool!)

  • "Gravy" - Dee Dee Sharp [HS]

  • "Do the New Continental" - the Dovells [HS]

  • "God Bless America" - Kate Smith [MM] - I could use a better copy, though.

  • "Flying Saucer (1 & 2)" - Buchanan and Goodman [MT]

  • "Whole Lotta Shaking Going On" - Jerry Lee Lewis [MT]

  • "Western Movies" - The Olympics [MT] (JW used the gunshot sounds)

  • "Goin' Out of My Head" - Little Anthony and the Imperials

  • "No Particular Place to Go" - Chuck Berry [MT]

  • "Trouble" - Elvis Presley [MT]

  • "I Got Stung" - Elvis Presley [MT]

  • "Rumble" - Link Wray [MT]

  • "Sh-Boom" - The Crew Cuts [CBR]

  • "Mr. Sandman" - The Chordettes [CBR]

  • "Leader of the Pack" - The Shangri Las [MT]

  • "Little Bitty Pretty One" - Thurston Harris [MT]

  • "Tutti Fruitti (Live)" - Little Richard [MT]

  • "Long Tall Sally (LIVE)" - Little Richard [MT]

  • "Rip It Up" - Elvis Presley [MT]

  • "The Angels Listened In" - The Crests [MT]

  • "Ricochet" - Teresa Brewer [MT]

  • "I Want You To Be My Girl" - Frankie Lymon [MT]

  • "What'd I Say (1 and 2)" - Ray Charles [MT]

  • "Sitting In the Park" - Billy Stewart [MT]

  • "Along Came Jones" - The Coasters [MT]

  • "These Boots Are Made For Walking" - Nancy Sinatra [used in one of the early movies, like Eat Your Makeup or Roman Candles]

This list used to have more songs from "Pink Flamingos," but then JW came out with a "PF" soundtrack album. When songs appeared on that album, I crossed them off my list. (Examples: "The Swag," "I'm Not a Juvenile Delinquent," "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window," etc.)


Well, as a general rule, I need everything that was used in a JW movie and which DOESN'T appear on the list above. There are tons of them in Hairspray and Cry Baby. Just scan the closing credits and spot any song that doesn't appear on my list. And remember, with Cry Baby, I also want the songs that the musical numbers were BASED on. With "Sh-Boom" I chose the Crew Cuts' version because the movie version is clearly patterned after that arrangment of the song. All of the musical numbers in CB are based on real songs from the 50s. Plus, there are songs used as background score in the film. (In Cry Baby, they listen to a song called something like "Women and Cadillacs" on the car radio.)

With the early movies, I can't always identify the songs -- like the twangy instrumental that plays at the beginning of Multiple Maniacs. And sometimes,he uses little snippets of obscure songs I can't identify... especially in Mondo Trasho.

Songs I *KNOW* I need...

  • "Strangers in the Night" - Frank Sinatra [MT]

  • "Tomorrow" - Annie (the MOVIE soundtrack, not the Broadway) [SM]

  • "Jambalaya (On the Bayou)" [MT] - this version is by a female pop singer, but it is NOT Brenda Lee's version! The version JW uses is slower and more Muzak-y.

  • "He's Got the Whole World In His Hand" [MM] - I have the version by Laurie London but it just doesn't sound like the version he uses in Multiple Maniacs

  • "Take a Number from One to Ten" - Lyda Roberti [MT] (this is a really obscure oldie from a movie called College Rhythm)

  • "I'm Following You" - ??? [MT]

  • "Holy Holy Holy" - ??? [MT]

Like I said, there are ton of missing songs in Hairspray and Cry-Baby. The 25th anniversary version of Pink Flamingos has the songs listed in the closing credits. Scan those for missing music.

Of course, I'm also looking for the classical music JW has used. In the case of classical music, I don't particularly care if it's the exact right version, since classical pieces tend to be recorded by dozens and dozens of different orchestras... just as long as it sounds close to the version JW used.


  • "Pomp and Circumstance" [MT]

  • "Rite of Spring" [MT, PFO]

  • "Ride of the Valkyries" [MT]


  • Beethoven's Fifth Symphony (first movement) [MT]

  • Marche Slave (sp?) [MT]


  • The music that plays during the "shrimping"/"Cinderella" scene in MT

  • The opera aria that plays as MVP stumbles out of the woods in MT

  • What music plays when Divine smashes car windows at the end of Multiple Maniacs?

I've given up hope of finding a decent recording of the Female Trouble theme or any of the songs from Polyester by Debbie Harry, Tab Hunter, Chris Stein, Bill Murray, etc. The best I can do is to dub copies of those songs off the movies. Maybe JW will do a Female Trouble album when that movie is reissued. He said he once had plans to do a Polyester album for Rhino Records, but the deal fell through. Maybe someday...



SIDEBAR: Joe has recently made a more complete list of the music from MONDO TRASHO - which is esentially a silent film set to the following songs:

[x] item I already own
[?] item I cannot identify at all
[-] item I do not own yet
[/] artist unknown; partial identification
[~] guesswork

[x] "Jack the Ripper" - Link Wray

[x] "Short Shorts" - The Royal Teens
[?] sound effects: dogs barking
[x] "Pomp & Circumstance, March No. I" - Elgar

[x] "Jambalaya (On the Bayou)" - Jo Stafford

[/] "I'm Following You" - artist unknown
[x] "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You" - Elvis Presley
[x] "Sitting In the Park" - Billy Stewart
[?] operatic aria
[x] "Strangers in the Night" - Frank Sinatra
[x] "Little Bitty Pretty One" - Thurston Harris

[?] modern classical composition - piano/violin
[x] "Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)" - Perry Como
[-] "It's Almost Like Being In Love" - Judy Garland
[x] "See You Later, Aligator" - Bill Haley & His Comets
[x] "Ricochet (Rick-O-Shay)" - Teresa Brewer

[x] "Long Tall Sally (live)" - Little Richard
[?] operatic aria
[x] "Tutti Fruitti (live)" - Little Richard
[?] operatic aria
[x] "The Girl Can't Help It (live)" - Little Richard
[?] operatic aria
[?] rock & roll saxophone solo
[?] operatic aria

[x] "Treat 'Em Right" - Mae West
[x] "Riot in Cell Block 9" - The Robins
[?] operatic aria
[x] "Treat 'Em Right" - Mae West
[?] operatic aria
[x] "Treat 'Em Right" - Mae West
[x] "Leader of the Pack" - The Shangri-Las
[x] Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
[x] "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" - The Shangri-Las
[x] "Why Does Everything Happen to Me?" (a.k.a. "Strange Things
Happen" - James Brown, live at the Apollo

[x] "I Want You To Be My Girl" - Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers
[x] "It Only Hurts For a Little While" - The Ames Brothers
[x] "I Want You To Be My Girl" - Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers
[x] "Riot in Cell Block 9" - The Robins
[x] "No Particular Place to Go" - Chuck Berry
[-] "Lonesome Fugitive" - Merle Haggard and the Strangers
-This song is also known as "I'm A Loneseome Fugitive"
and "The Fugitive"
[x] "Come Go With Me" - The Del-Vikings
[x] "Two Faces Have I" - Lou Christie

[-] "Finger Poppin'" - Ike & Tina Turner
[x] "Riot in Cell Block 9" - The Robins
[x] "Come Go With Me" - The Del-Vikings
[x] "Night Train (live at the Apollo)" - James Brown
[x] "Slow Walk" - Sil Austin
[/] "Marche Slav" - Tchaikovsky

[?] intro. to unknown rock/R&B song
[?] speech by black vocalist
-"you can't do anything for us"
-"leave mine alone"
[x] "Rite of Spring" - Stravinsky
[/] "Holy Holy Holy" - artist unknown
+ wildtrack dialogue
[?] sound effect - bells ringing
[/] "Holy Holy Holy" - artist unknown
[x] "The Girl Can't Help It (live)" - Little Richard
[x] "The Angels Listened In" - The Crests
[x] "Shakin' All Over" - Mae West
[x] "Slow Walk" - Sil Austin

[x] "Rip It Up" - Elvis Presley
[x] "Slow Walk" - Sil Austin
[x] "Riot In Cell Block 9" - The Robins
[x] "Treat 'Em Right" - Mae West
[x] "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" - The Shangri-Las
[x] "Oh Lonesome Me" - Don Gibson
[-] "Waddle, Waddle" - The Bracelets
[x] "Slow Walk" - Sil Austin
[~] "What a Rare Mood I'm In" - Judy Garland?
[x] "Slow Walk" - Sil Austin

[?] wildtrack dialogue, apparently - Mink makes noises
[x] "I Got Stung" - Elvis Presley
[?] opera - possibly German
-first a woman sings, then a man, then the woman again
[x] "I Almost Lost My Mind" - Pat Boone
[x] "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" - The Shangri-Las
[x] "Riot in Cell Block 9" - The Robins
[?] unknown rock/R&B song
-"woah oh oh ohhhhhhh"
[?] unknown sax solo
[x] "Riot in Cell Block 9" - The Robins
[x] Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
[x] "I Got Stung" - Elvis Presley

[x] "We're Off to See the Wizard" - The Wizard of Oz Cast
[?] noises, sound effects, laughter
-avant-garde collage of sounds, possibly wildtrack dialogue
[?] crowd cheering - we hear someone address the crowd
-sounds like an excerpt from a live concert album (Garland?)
[x] "Keep Your Hands Off My Baby" - Little Eva
[?] more weird noises and sounds - where'd he get this stuff?

[-] "Take a Number From One to Ten" - Lyda Roberti
[x] Fats Gonder's intro. to "James Brown 'Live' at the Apollo"
[-] "Take a Number From One to Ten" - Lyda Roberti
[x] "What'd I Say (Parts 1 & 2)" - Ray Charles

[/] "Holy Holy Holy" - artist unknown
[?] sound effect - bells ringing
[/] "Holy Holy Holy" - artist unknown
[x] "The Angels Listened In" - The Crests
[x] "Earth Angel" - The Penguins
[x] "Flying Saucer (Parts 1 & 2)" - Buchanan & Goodman
[x] "I'm Blue (The Gong Gong Song)" - The Ikettes
[x] "Tutti Fruitti (live)" - Little Richard
[?] unknown guitar solo
[x] "Come Go With Me" - The Del-Vikings
[x] "Slow Walk" - Sil Austin
[x] "634-5789 (Soulsville U.S.A.)" - Wilson Pickett

[x] "Slow Walk" - Sil Austin
[x] "Woo-Hoo" - The Rock-A-Teens
[?] unknown song by vocal group
-"Penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar
They're driving me crazy!"
[?] sound effect - dogs barking
[x] "See You Later, Aligator" - Bill Haley & The Comets
[x] "Come Go With Me" - The Del-Vikings

[?] stripper / burlesque music
[x] "You Tickle Me Baby" - the Royal Jokers
[?] dialogue: "Help! Help someone!"
[x] "Riot in Cell Block 9" - The Robins
[?] "Help! Help someone!"
[x] "Dance of the Comedians" - Kabalevsky
[x] "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" - The Shangri-Las
[?] "Help! Help someone!"
[x] "Rumble" - Link Wray
[?] unknown classical music
[x] "Rumble" - Link Wray
[x] Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

[x] Little Richard stage patter
[?] Long, long stretch of dialogue taken from SOMETHING
-Doubtful Waters recorded it himself - sound quality too good
-Transcription follows:
WOMAN: These monsters are going to use me in one of their
dreadful medical experiments.
MAN: Care for a girl? Ha ha. My dear fellow, I thought you
knew me better than that! Ha! My extreme taste for
certain pleasures causes me to sacrifice at whatever
altars are available. I often imagine that a boy is
really a girl and use her accordingly.
SECOND MAN: Let me inspect your veins.
[x] more Little Richard stage patter
-this comes from "Little Richard's Greatest Hits Recorded
Live" - a large portion of the intro. to "Jenny, Jenny"
is used
[?] creepy classical organ music - Bach? Carnival of Souls?

[x] "Flying Saucer (Parts 1 & 2)" - Buchanan & Goodman
[?] female R&B vocalist speaks:
-"Good Godamighty, the man sure makes me feel real."
-sounds like Aretha Franklin
[x] "Flying Saucer (Parts 1 & 2)" - Buchanan & Goodman
[x] "(You've Got) The Magic Touch" - the Platters
[x] "Flying Saucer (Parts 1 & 2)" - Buchanan & Goodman
[x] "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" - The Shangri-Las
[x] "Come Go With Me" - The Del-Vikings

[x] "Riot in Cell Block 9" - The Robins
[x] "Blue Moon" - The Marcels
[x] "Western Movies" - The Olympics
[?] quote from uknown R&B song - James Brown?
-"Owwww! Sometimes the going gets a little tough!"
[x] "He's So Fine" - The Chiffons
[x] "Get a Job" - the Silhouettes
[x] "Western Movies" - The Olympics
[?] quote from unknown R&B song - James Brown?
[x] "Get a Job" - The Silhouettes
[x] "Western Movies" - The Olympics
[x] "Get a Job" - The Silhouettes
[x] "Blue Moon" - The Marcels
[x] "Get a Job" - The Silhouettes
[x] "Blue Moon" - The Marcels
[x] "Get a Job" - The Silhouettes
[x] "Blue Moon" - The Marcels
[x] "Get a Job" - The Silhouettes
[x] "Blue Moon" - The Marcels
[x] "Get a Job" - The Silhouettes
[x] "Blue Moon" - The Marcels
[?] the unknown "Owwww!" again
[x] "Get a Job" - The Silhouettes
[x] "Western Movies" - The Olympics
[x] "Get a Job" - The Silhouettes
[x] "Riot in Cell Block 9" - The Robins

[x] "Along Came Jones" - The Coasters
[?] quote from unknown R&B song - sounds like Tina Turner
-"That's why he's all kinds of rude to ya."
[x] "Along Came Jones" - The Coasters
[x] "I'm Moving On" - Ray Charles
[x] Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
[?] excerpt from unidentified pop record:
"I almost flipped when she looked my way
I tried to think of the right thing to say"
[x] "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" - The Shangri-Las
[?] quote from unknown novelty record about feet
-"From head to my (escalator) feet?"

[x] "Come Go With Me" - the Del-Vikings
[-] "Mars, Bringer of War" - Gustav Holst
[x] "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes" - Perry Como
[x] "Rescue Me" - Fontella Bass
[?] uknown rock saxophone solo - sounds like a Dion record
[x] "Lolipop" - The Chordettes
[?] same Dion-ish sax solo
[?] uknown pop/R&B song - "Worry Me"?
"Keep on worrying me, and soon I'll be gone
Worry me, and you'll be left alone
I'm almost crazy."
[x] "Angel Baby" - Rosie and the Originals
[x] "Kansas City" - Wilbert Harrison
[?] unknown R&B song, very tough to understand
-possible lyric - "Owwww! I didn't do no crime"
[?] unknown pop song: "I worry so much. I make myself sick."
[?] Dion-type sax solo
[/] "Goodbye to Love" - artist unknown

[x] "Rumble" - Link Wray
[x] "Ride of the Valkyries" - Wagner
[/] "Holy Holy Holy" - artist unknown
[x] "Flying Saucer (Parts 1 & 2)" - Buchanan & Goodman
[?] totally unknown classical piece with vocals
[x] "Maybe" - The Chantels
[x] "(You've Got) The Magic Touch" - The Platters
[x] "Flying Saucer (Parts 1 & 2)" - Buchanan & Goodman

[x] "Here I Stand" - Wade Flemons & The Newcomers
[x] "Going Out of My Head" - Little Anthony and the Imperials
[x] "Surfin' Bird" - The Trashmen
[x] "(You've Got) The Magic Touch" - The Platters
[x] "Flying Saucer (Parts 1 & 2)" - Buchanan & Goodman
[x] "Whole Lotta Shaking Going On" - Jerry Lee Lewis


LADY 1: Is that a boy or a girl?
LADY 2: Is it a faggot?
LADY 1: It's a dyke.
LADY 2: No, it's a hippie.
LADY 1: A communist?
LADY 2: Perhaps it's a drag queen.
LADY 1: Or a wash rag queen.
LADY 2: It's probably a speed freak.
LADY 1: Or a pothead.
LADY 2: Or a muffin queen.
LADY 1: Look at her. It's just a whore.
LADY 2: Or maybe a golddigger.
LADY 1: She's a hustler.
LADY 2: Yeah, or some sort of intellectual.
LADY 1: She's probably a rimmer.
LADY 2: Hmmm. Maybe a speed freak.
LADY 1: A chicken queen.
LADY 2: Or a shrimp freak.
LADY 1: But, but it could be a narc.
LADY 2: Yeah, or maybe a beatnik.
LADY 1: Or a junkie.
LADY 2: Yes or an acid-head.
LADY 1: Or a spade.
LADY 2: Or just a gigolo.
LADY 1: Just a flower child.
LADY 2: Yeah, a shit-kicker.
LADY 1: Or a red.
LADY 2: Yeah, or a glamour girl.
LADY 1: Maybe she's some just sort of snob.
LADY 2: Maybe just some Polack.
LADY 1: Or a warmonger.
LADY 2: Yeah or an S&M queen.
LADY 1: Oh, it's just a teenager
LADY 2: Yeah, maybe it's one of those Hell's Angels.
LADY 1: You think it's a baby butch?
LADY 2: It could be a fag hag.
LADY 1: Or maybe it's a b-girl.
LADY 2: Yeah, or a closet queen.
LADY 1: A hairhopper.
LADY 2: Yeah, maybe a movie star.
LADY 1: Well, she's a dropout of some sort.
LADY 2: Yeah. What is that word? Uh, dingleberry.
LADY 1: Or a draft dodger.
LADY 2: Yeah, or maybe just a runaway.
LADY 1: Or some sort of, you know, peacenik.
LADY 2: Yeah, or a hooker.
LADY 1: Or she's one of those Yippies.
LADY 2: Mmmm. Maybe it's one of those jet-setters.
LADY 1: But I'll bet it's just a whore.
LADY 2: Yeah, or maybe a dinge queen.
LADY 1: A rimmer.
LADY 2: Yeah, or a size queen.
LADY 1: A hustler.
LADY 2: Oh, she makes me sick.
LADY 1: Whore.

© 2000 Joe Blevins