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Emmy Collins Day On The Set of Pecker

Photo by Daniel Ball
John Strawbridge of Pat Moran Casting (she casts all of Waters films & had previously cast me in 1995 as:'Alfred the Junkie' on an episode of:HOMICIDE-LIFE ON THE STREET) called me and asked if I'd like to audition for PECKER as a 'young hippie vegetarian in a supermarket.' I said,'you betcha' as Waters has been a big influence on me. The day after Pat Moran taped my audition to show Waters, John Strawbridge called saying they'd like to hire me for the role - I was stoked!!
My work day on:PECKER:

I reported to the set at 6am. The set was a supermarket (simply called, The Store) in a suburb of Baltimore. I met John Waters before the rehearsal of the first scene. He was very gracious and said he recognized me from the tape (my audition). In the first scene I worked with the actor who played the teacher who Kathleen Turner killed in SERIAL MOM (Joe Badila? - JJ).
In the second scene I worked with Edward Furlong and Brendan Sexton III - they place a package of liver in my shopping cart while I pick out fruit.
After my 13 hour work day, John Waters told his Assistant Director to 'send the hippie back to L.A.!!!' (meaning me). I was wrapped from the shoot of PECKER and left the set thrilled to be part of what will be an instant Cult Classic!!!