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Alana Miller's Nite at the Pecker Premiere

I attended the premiere of Pecker on Wednesday night, 16 September and the party after at the Paradox in Baltimore. I finally got to meet John who far exceeded my expectations of the most gracious and adorable celebrity in the universe. I had always heard from people who had met him that he was very accessable and friendly but having the experience myself was something I'll never forget.

As he was walking into the Senator theater, after being interviewed outside, I was standing in his path and as he walked by I put out my hand and he shook it and smiled into my face and said, "Hi, how are you?" as if he had known me all his life. I noticed that when he talks to anyone, that person has his full attention. John never looks around at other people while talking to you. I got to sit three seats away from him before the movie started and was right in front while he gave his brief speech. He's so lovely, gentlemanly, and humble, not to mention the funniest person ever. His parents were there and he thanked them for encourageing him in his every endevor, even when they didn't agree with him.


At the party I was able to have my picture taken with him.

Another wonderful surprise was seeing my friend Tim (Marvin Pickle in Serial Mom) in a huge part in Pecker. He plays one of the New York Snobs and does it VERY well. He and his friend were at the party and I was able to talk with them. Bob Adams was also there and we got to talk a bit.

I do want to mention that ... AIDS Action Baltimore, the receipients of the proceeds from the premiere, [are] a wonderful group of people and $75 a ticket was a bargain when considering it went to such a worthy cause.