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John Waters in Washington, DC

By Alana Miller

It must be extremely difficult for John to speak to a new generation of Dreamlanderphiles as was apparent at his lecture at GWU, Wednesday, 18 October, 2000. Questions like "My friend said you did an episode of 'The Simpsons', is that true?" made me wonder how some of the audience found its way there and why. I wondered how many had been to Baltimore, seen a Waters' movie, or read one of his books. However, even if you've never heard of John, he makes you laugh. You may leave the auditorium going, "what the f–––?" But you laugh and want to know more about him, his wonderful life, and his incredible Dreamlanders.

John's lecture began with an introduction by an obvious fan who happens to be a critic for the Washington Post. He alluded to an incredibly funny incident that happend to John and didn't want to spoil it by mentioning it during his introduction. (I still don't believe we ever got to hear it, but I could be mistaken).
     My friend Carl and I had very good seats and I was able to get a few pictures. The experience was quite unlike the Premieres of his movies where you run into everyone he's ever known who's still alive. I did see Tim, one of casting's favorite perverts. he was Marvin Pickles in SERIAL MOM, agot "tea bagged" in PECKER and was rudely interrupted during the viewing of an XXX film being shown at a theater under seige by CECIL B. DEMENTED and his cinema terrorists. Tim is one of the nicest men I know. It's his fortune, or misfortune to fit so well into the role of a pervert.

As Carl and I left Lisner and walked around the corner to catch the Metro we saw a black car with a chauffeur standing beside it as if ready to open the car door at any minute. I asked if he was driving John back to Baltimore and he smiled and said "yes." I told him to drive very carefully.