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John Comments on President Clinton

"Once people are relieved this is over, they might get a little meaner to the President. For a week. Look, the stock market is great, everybody has a job, crime is down. What do they want? If he has to be a little bit kinky, that's fine. I don't want a saint as President. I want someone with life experiences. If a politician said he tried drugs 30 years ago, to me he'd be more fit to serve. He has to deal with drug problems as President, right? If he had no experience, all he can do is ask "Why do people take drugs?

All it was, was a bunch of mean old white men. They don't govern me. They aren't my constituency. Clinton is the only President I ever voted for who won. He is, selfishly, the only President who could have seen PINK FLAMINGOS in college, maybe. I know none of the others did"

Reprinted without permission from the New York Times, 2/14/99