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"Life is nothing if you aren't obsessed."

"I can't help it, I enjoy the company of murderers, rapists and child molesters."

"If you are unlucky enough to be heterosexual and persist in having affairs anyway, make sure they are with a blood relation, preferabley your mother or father."


"John Waters is the Pope of Trash and his taste in tacky is unexcelled..." - William Burroughs

"Waters cultivates sleaze like a rare orchid...He is to Baltimore what Ingmar Bergman is to Sweden." - Baltimore Sun

"Where do these people come from? Where do they go when the sun goes down? Isn't there a law or something?" - Rex Reed

"John Waters is the bard of a culture that creates itself out of commercial trash; he's a visionary of sorts, someone who discovers the bizarre in the everyday and the everyday in the bizarre." - American Film

"I don't want my tax money spent that way. I blame him for what's going on out there. Ladies can't walk the streets without some kid grabbing their purses. These kids would steal your garbage cans. The other day I found dead rats in my basement. People see his movies and get the know-how; they get the idea for all these rapes and hold-ups. To tell you the truth, I try not to even think of him. I wipe him from under my feet." - Mary Avara, Maryland Censor Board