John Waters has acted in a variety of movies and TV shows. This list is not exhaustive, and does not include the roles he has played in his own productions, but does provide some highlights.

John Waters in Feud
Feud (2017)
For this series, John Waters had the honor of playing one of his heroes, William Castle. Creator Ryan Murphy asked Waters to appear in “Hagsploitation,” which opens with Waters as Castle, introducing an axe-wielding Joan Crawford (played by Jessica Lange) during a promotional tour for the 1964 film “Straight-Jacket.”

Groundbreakers (2015-7)
Waters hosts this series for Playboy that screens the most groundbreaking adult films in movie history. Fun commentary reveals how scandalized films such as Deep Throat and Debbie Does Dallas actually played a huge role in shaping today's popular culture.

John Waters in Alvin and the Chipmunks
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip (2015)
What an honor for John Waters to act with the Chipmunks in this sequel. He plays a first class passenger on a flight. “I’ve always wanted to be in an Alvin movie,” said Waters. “I talk about Alvin in my Christmas show. He’s always been my mentor.”

Til Death Do Us Part (2006-7)
This series featured John Waters as the Groom Reaper, a host who intros each episode, which are true-life stories about marriages gone bad. Well, not just bad - but marriages that end in murder!

Seed of Chucky (2004)
Chucky is still at it in 2004?! How can this be? Lucky for us John Waters appears as a paparazzo who meets a gruesome end at the hands of the little doll. It also stars Jennifery Tilly for reasons unknown to mankind.

Blood Feast 2 (2002))
"Did you ever think of being an altar boy?" Hershell Gordon Lewis, one of Waters' heroes, cast him as the Reverend in this sequel to Blood Feast. Talk about stunt casting!

Woody Allen's Sweet and Lowdown
Sweet and Lowdown (1999)
One of Woody Allen's lesser-loved comedies, Sweet and Lowdown tells the story of a talented but messed-up guitarist Emmett Ray - played by Sean Penn. Our very own John Waters has a cameo as a club owner who is sick of Ray's irresponsibility. The scene is brief, but John is enjoyable for those few minutes as he reads Penn in typical style.

John Waters The Simpsons
The Simpsons: Homer's Phobia (1997)
OJohn was a featured guest on this episode of the Simpsons as the owner of a kitchy second-hand store. The family quickly befriend John, but when Homer finds out that John is gay, he quickly changes his tune. The kids and Marge have a blast while Homer tries to ensure Bart won't turn out gay. Loaded with innuendo and outright queer comedy, this is one of the best arguments against homophobia ever aired on American television.

John Waters Homicide
Homicide: Life On The Streets (1994)
Waters appeared on this Baltimore-set drama a few times as a bartender who helped Detective Stanley Bolander (Ned Beatty) drown his sorrows.

Homer & Eddie (1989)
This Whoopi Goldberg/Jim Belushi vehicle was widely panned, but John has a cameo as a robber. Other notable details about this film? Well, Karen Black is in it!

Something Wild (1986)
John Waters plays a crooked used-car salesman in this early Jonathan Demme film starring future Dreamlander Melanie Griffith and 80's indie-hunk Jeff Daniels. Demme's use of music and comedy, coupled with great performances all-around, make this a must-see cult 80s film.

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