Independent Film Channel, 1998, 97 minutes
Directed by Steve Yeager

Steve Yeager's documentary Divine Trash won the Sundance Film Festival's Filmmakers Trophy for best documentary (beating out such bores as Ken Burns and Barbara Kopple). In typical fashion, John was quoted as saying to Mr. Yeager, "you should hope I die, and then you'd have a very popular film."

It contains biographical footage of John as a kid, interviews with him, his mother, original Dreamland castmembers like Divine, Mink, Mary, David and Edith, filmmakers like Jim Jarmusch, The Kuchar Brothers and HG Lewis. Last - and definitely least - Mary Avara, once head of the Maryland Censor Board rants and raves about how disgusted she was with Waters work.

Intended for Maryland Public Television when originally shot, it also follows the cast and crew of Pink Flamingos working around town and in the woods. Contemporary interviews reflecting on the process of working with John on this landmark underground movie are another reason this is a must-see for Dreamland Fans.

Yeager also directed a sequel that takes off where Divine Trash left off - post Pink Flamingos - called In Bad Taste. It was only shown on Independent Film Channel and Bravo, and has not been released on home video.

A Dirty Shame
Cecil B. Demented
Serial Mom
Cry Baby
Desperate Living
Female Trouble
Pink Flamingos
Multiple Maniacs
Mondo Trasho
Dorothy the Kansas City Pothead
The Diane Linkletter Story
Eat Your Makeup
Roman Candles
Hag In A Black Leather Jacket

Divine Trash & In Bad Taste
This Filthy World
I Am Divine
Love Letter To Edie

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