Fine Line Features, 1998, 87 minutes
SStarring Edward Furlong, Christina Ricci, Martha Plimpton, Lili Taylor, Brendan Sexton III

Edward Furlong in Pecker

Pecker takes it's title from the nickname of the lead character, an amateur photographer from Hampden who accidentally makes it big when a New York City gallery owner stumbles upon his work at a Baltimore Diner.

Pecker features wack-o performances from Edward Furlong as Pecker, Christina Ricci as his girlfriend, Lili Taylor as the art dealer, Marth Plimpton as Pecker's trade-hag sister, and bad-boy Brendan Sexton as Pecker's best friend. As they travel to New York and back, lessons are learned about fame, fortune and happiness.

Christina Ricci in Pecker

There's angry lesbian strippers, a blind photographer, prissy New York art types and shopping for strangers. But perhaps most amazing is a visit from Mary, the Mother of Christ. "Full of Grace!"

Martha Plimpton in Pecker

"The best review we ever got was in Japan, where somebody said it was a 'Disney film for perverts.' And it was! It was a feel-good movie about subject matter that would have been illegal 20 years ago. We had full-screen pubic hair, lesbian strippers. It got an R rating, but people still perceived it as a nice movie." - John Waters


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