Savoy Pictures, 1994, 93 minutes
Starring Kathleen Turner, Sam Waterston, Ricki Lake, Matthew Lillard, Mink Stole

Kathleen Turner in Serial Mom

Serial Mom takes you to suburban Baltimore where Super-Mom, Beverly Sutphin (played full-tilt by Kathleen Turner) will do anything to keep her family happy and healthy, even MURDER!

Mink Stole is superb in her role as abused neighbor, Dottie Hinkle (a/k/a Pussy Face!). And in the tradition of Hairspray and Cry Baby, there are many outrageous cameos: Traci Lords, Suzanne Somers, Patty Hearst, Joan Rivers and L7 as the punk group Camel Lips. Waters himself even has a cameo as the voice of serial murderer Ted Bundy.

Patricia Hearst in Serial Mom

Waters' own obsession with serial killers like Bundy, Richard Speck and Charles Manson, as well as his fascination with trials, comes to the fore of this sick, sick movie. But although Serial Mom is a tribute to gore and horror movies such as Blood Feast, Berserk and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it also deftly explores the topics of capital punishment, crime as entertainment and media hype. It stands out as one of Waters best films.

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

However, if you're a fan of Annie - the musical - you may not want to watch this. Ever. Consider yourself warned. "The sun will come out tomorrow..."


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