Dreamland, 1969, 95 minutes
Starring Mary Vivian Pearce, Divine, David Lochary, Mink Stole

Mary Vivian Pearce in Mondo Trasho

John's first full-length feature film, Mondo Trasho, was produced for only $2000. Like many of his early films, this money was borrowed from his dad. Although there is no dialogue, there is a soundtrack of scratchy rock-n-roll records and a few choice voiceovers.

Mary Vivian Pearce in Mondo Trasho

Mary Vivian Pearce is the lead, although she is dead through most of the film. While on a walk, she is run-down by a car driven by Divine (who isn't such a bad driver, she just got distracted by the naked man hitch-hiking). Divine then takes it upon herself to care for the dead girl. For her good deeds, Divine is visited by the Virgin Mary. The girl is brought to a mad-doctor, played by David Lochary, who replaces her feet with very ugly feet.

Mary Vivian Pearce in Mondo Trasho

Trivial note: at the premiere in a local church, Cookie Mueller, who had just been released from a mental hospital, won the doorprize of a free hamburg dinner at the Little Tavern. And she was a part of Waters' world forever after.

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