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December 2005

This month marks DREAMLAND NEWS' 10th ANNIVERSARY.
Back in '95, I taught myself HTML and needed to put my skills to the test. So I started a little site about one of my favorite things -- the films of John Waters. You see, I grew up in Maryland, and as a young queer in the woods, these movies had a huge influence on me. (I know a lot of you fans know of what I speak). But how did Dreamland News keep going all this time? Two reasons...

1. John Waters
For the past decade, I've taken great joy in observing and reporting on the evolution of Mr. Waters' career. Thank you John for continuing to provoke and entertain us in new ways every year.

2. The Fans
When I started Dreamland, I didn't know there was such a great audience out there.
So thanks to all of you who've been reading, writing and contributing to Dreamland over the years. I couldn't do it without you. In fact, without you, there'd be no point in doing it!

Now, back to the NEWS!

John Waters is bringing his one-man show A JOHN WATERS CHRISTMAS to both coasts this month. Each gig has a special guest star (or two!). John's part of the show will be his acclaimed monologue style cultural observations, ruminations on the holidays, and personal recollections on his career. You won't want to miss this!

  • San Francisco / December 14 at the Fillmore (with Jonathan Richman)
  • Santa Cruz / December 15 at the Rio Theatre (with Jonathan Richman, Jack E. Strano & Babette)
  • Portland OR / December 16 at Dante’s (with Karaoke from Hell)
  • Los Angeles / December 17 at UCLA Royce Hall (with Peaches)
  • San Diego / December 18 at The Casbah (no opener)
  • New York / December 21 at Bowery Ballroom (with Kimya Dawson & Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players)
  • Washington DC / December 22 at the 930 Club (with Trixie & the Evil Hate Monkey)

If you missed it last year, pick up the CD A JOHN WATERS CHRISTMAS. It's his first compilation for New Line Records, including 12 unbelievably bizarre holiday songs, all selected from Mr. Waters' personal collection. I gave it as a gift to many people last year, and it never failed to get a reaction when played at Christmas gatherings!


And now for a little sad news. Legendary guitarist Link Wray died last month. Joe Blevins, resident Dreamland Music Expert, reports:
Even hardcore Dreamland fans might not recognize Link Wray's name, but this pioneering guitarist was heard over the opening credits of TWO early Waters films. His "Jack The Ripper" was featured during the chicken-beheading prologue and opening credits of MONDO TRASHO. His hit "Rumble" is also heard during the Dr. Coathanger sequence. And "The Swag" was the theme music from PINK FLAMINGOS. During that first lingering shot of Babs Johnson's trailer and the seemingly endless cast credits, it's Link you're hearing.




Lots of news this month Dreamlanders...

Court TV plans to air a new half-hour series this winter about true-crime domestic murder mysteries hosted by John Waters. Til Death Do Us Part will focus on a single spousal murder in each episode, beginning with a reenactment of the wedding. Waters will serve as the "groom reaper," walking the viewer through each story.

"I've always been jealous of Vincent Price's career," said John. "Maybe now that he's dead, I can hijack it."

The series was conceived by horror director Jeff Lieberman. Each episode will be based on a real murder. "I'm groaning already," said Cheryl Guidry Tyiska from National Organization for Victim Assistance. "While domestic violence and domestic homicide can be very dramatic stories, it sounds like this is designed for prurient entertainment.... My gut reaction is: Yuck."

Sounds good to me! Thanks to all the Dreamland correspondents out there who tipped me off to this story (Scotty, Joe, Matt, Lindsey). To read more, visit adage.com.

JOHN WATERS: CHANGE OF LIFE just opened at the Orange County Museum of Art, and is running till January 15th.
Besides John's photographs, this travelling show also includes screenings of Waters' first three short films, HAG IN A BLACK LEATHER JACKET, ROMAN CANDLES and EAT YOUR MAKEUP. This is the only way to catch these rare films, so if you're near Orange County, you gotta check it out.

In addition to those movies, they'll also be screening FEMALE TROUBLE, HAIRSPRAY, PECKER, POLYESTER and SERIAL MOM.
And if that were'nt enough, some of John's favorite films are showing including ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS, BOOM! and YOU BETTER WATCH OUT.
For a complete film schedule, click here.
Thanks for the news, Paul and Kelly.

And if you're near Colorado Springs, John Waters will be appearing at the Fine Arts Center there for an evening of film, lecture and reception on November 10. They will be screening Divine Trash. For more info, visit their site.

There's a new book by photographer Tom Atwood of known homosexuals called KINGS IN THEIR CASTLES: Photographs of Queer Men at Home. And John is not only one of the subjects, he's also the cover star! Thanks Noel for the info.


> Visit TOM ATWOOD.com

And finally, John Waters will be appearing on the Real Time with Bill Mahr season finale (HBO) Friday 11/4. Thanks Josh for the tip!

October ** UPDATE

John Waters has a new collection of screenplays available, HAIRSPRAY, FEMALE TROUBLE AND MULTIPLE MANIACS. And to mark the occasion, he'll be appearing at bookstores up the east coast and in California. Here's a schedule:

October 13 - New York
Barnes & Noble Astor Place

October 15 - Philadelphia
Borders, South Broad St

October 18 - Lutherville MD
Borders, W. Ridgely Rd
November 5 - Los Angeles
Book Soup

November 5 - San Francisco
A Clean Well Lighted Place for Books

The book also includes an introduction by John and tons of photos. Some are choice movie stills. But there's also a lot of never before seen shots of the Dreamlanders making these classic movies.



"Making out with Divine, that's beyond the bravery of coming out."

So said John Waters in a recent New York Times article about Tab Hunter, who's new autobiography TAB HUNTER CONFIDENTIAL has just hit shelves. "He was hassled about being gay. You couldn't come out. It was illegal. But he had a sense of humor about the glamour he was caught in. He's a great sport, and a great star."

Before his starring role in POLYESTER, Tab was an ex-teen heart throb of the 1950s. He was very popular, and even had a big hit record YOUNG LOVE. His book details his rise to fame, his ups and downs, his loves and lovers (including Anthony Perkins)! At 74, Tab offers a rare first hand account of what it was like to be queer in the celluloid closet of 50s Hollywood.


> Visit TAB HUNTER.com

Also coming out this month is a three-disc DVD version of THE WIZARD OF OZ. One of the bonus features is the delightfully bizarre documentary "Memories of Oz" (easily the best Oz-related doc of all) featuring our very own JOHN WATERS! As you probably know, "Oz" was a major influence on John, and references to it are strewn through his writings and films. Thanks Joe for the news!


Another documentary featuring Waters words of wisdom, INSIDE DEEP THROAT, has recently been released. For some unknown reason, this has been released in two versions, the original NC-17 version and an R-rated cut (for which I'm not even going to bother adding a link -- it's about porno, for christ's sake!).


> Visit the official movie site

In other - more irritating - news, Adam Shankman is in negotiations to direct New Line Cinema's HAIRSPRAY THE MUSICAL movie. It was going to be Jerry Mitchell and Jack O'Brien, who won a Tony for directing the show. After they dropped out, the studio asked Rob Marshall of CHICAGO fame, but he never committed. Shankman directed such movies as BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE and THE PACIFIER, but got his start as a choreographer. His credits include such gems as STUCK ON YOU, DEUCE BIGALOW, GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE and THE FLINTSTONES. He also choreographed the opening credits of "Friends."



Gee, take a month off and there's so many little things that pile up.

There's a fun photo spread in indie women's magazine BUST inspired by Waters films. They have girls posing as some of the his heroines including Tracey Turnblad, Amber Von Tussle, Lulu Fishpaw and Wanda Woodward. The infamous trio of Dawn Davenport, Chicklette and Concetta and also represented -- in fact Dawn is portrayed by one of my favorite local performers SWEETIE! If you've never seen Sweetie, please visit my photography site and click around. She's all over that shit!

Television Week reports that John will be hosting a TV series for HERE called "Films That Will Corrupt You" by the first quarter of 2006. There will be 13 movies which John will select and introduce. He said "it's like I'm letting you into my house to see a movie, but I can't make any moves on you!" Although HERE is a gay-themed channel, Waters commented that "I'm not showing any touching coming-out films. We're beyond them. I'm really hoping to get a gay audience that is pretty adventuresome, and really cool straight people."

There's a new book called 45 DANGEROUS MINDS: The Most Intense Interviews From Seconds Magazine (Creation Books) that includes Waters' epic 1998 interview - 8 pages with intensive photos and artwork. Thanks for the tip, Stephen.

Internet radio station Cult Radio A-Go-Go! is running a show called "John Waters: Mondo Trasho A-Go-Go!". It is a five hour feature on John that includes interview clips of John, Jean Hill, Mink Stole, & others along with clips, trailers, & dialogue from various John Waters films & music from his films including "Hairspray", "Cry Baby", "Pink Flamingos", "A Dirty Shame", & "Cecil B. DeMented". Visit their official station site.

In other news, John lends his voice to the Partnership for Public Service.
Huh? Click here to read the story. Thanks for the link, Alana!

And Brit fan Duncan reports that the West End production of Hairspray won’t be frequenting their shores this year as planned. Apparently there is a problem with the set… THEY HAVENT GOT ONE TO BRING! DOH! They were going to use the one which is now in Vegas, but apparently it's still in Vegas! Thanks for the news Duncan. Keep us posted as you learn more about the other side of the pond.

July 22: UPDATE

Infamous New York party promoter Daniel Nardicio is truly carrying the torch of filth in the name of our hero, John Waters. For those who aren't familiar with Daniel, he's a real diamond in the asshole that calls itself New York city nightlife. Altho he's currently "between parties" - you can get a tasty taste of his inimitable style on his weekly radio show for EAST VILLAGE RADIO. And what a show it'll be this week!

This Saturday (7/23) he'll be doing a special 4 hour Tribute to John Waters. Expect guest appearances from writer Mike Albo, tv sexpot Sandy Kane, NY freak drag Taylor Mac, porn pup Owen Hawk and a gaggle of showbiz types who will do numbers, readings and just plain trashy things to honor our Pope Of Trash. All this to celebrate the release of A DIRTY SHAME.

If you live in New York and have an exhibitionist streak, stop by the studio, flash him with full frontal nudity and he'll give you a free DVD!

PLUS, he's giving $500 to the person who will eat fresh dog shit off the street, compliments of Sparky, from the local bark dog shelter.
Yes, as a treat to you, be the first to eat dog shit off the street in front of the radio show (19 First Avenue btw 1st and 2nd) and he'll hand you a very large check ready for you on Monday, right in time for rent.

Just go this Saturday to eastvillageradio.com and click on listen now from 8-12. Or stop by and witness the perversion!

OK. So you probably already know that A DIRTY SHAME was released last month on DVD. But did you know that this month sees the long awaited release of CRY BABY?

On July 12th, you'll finally be able to get your hands on this classic Waters film. And of course the DVD is loaded with extras including IT CAME FROM BALTIMORE, (an in-depth making of CRY-BABY with interviews from Waters and cast, the inspiration for the story and the effect it has had on the genre), commentary by Mr. Waters and deleted scenes!

Click here to order A DIRTY SHAME.
Click here to pre-order CRY BABY.

Dreamland reporter Robert bent John's ear at recent signing in West Hollywood. Regarding Cry Baby, John said "It's a director's cut, so it's not the version you saw in the theaters." Robert asked about everyone's favorite, Hatchet Face. John said they managed to find her for the commentary, that he hadn't seen her for years, and said she was now a lawyer. Robert said he wouldn't want to argue a case against her, and John replied "Well, she doesn't really look like that."

You can bend the ears of a bevy of Dirty Shame cast members. CineGraphic Studios will host a cast party on Saturday July 9 from 2-5pm. Several of Ray Ray's Apostles will appear in store to sign your copy of A Dirty Shame, including Fat Fuck Frank, Mr. Payday, Loose Linda, Officer Alvin, the mailman, Papa Bear and Baby Bear and the bikers from Holiday House! Visit their site for more info.

And there's lots of new stuff On The Net, including a podcast and a downloadable interview with John. Check 'em out.

OK, so I know 2005 is nearly half-over, but I just got a list of John Waters fave films of 2004. And what a list! His favorite, TARNATION by Jonathan Caouette (pictured right), really is a tremendous film and one of my own favorites from last year too. Click here to read John's entire list on Art Forum (you need to register, but it's free). Thanks Blair for the news!

On June 14th coinciding with the release of A DIRTY SHAME, New Line has packaged PINK FLAMINGOS, FEMALE TROUBLE, DESPERATE LIVING, POLYESTER, HAIRSPRAY and PECKER in a set called the JOHN WATERS COLLECTION. Also included in the set is the NC-17 version of A DIRTY SHAME. That's a pretty good deal, if you don't already own them.
Also on July 12, CRY BABY- The Director's Cut Edition is being released on DVD. Features include a production featurette as well as deleted scenes. No info about director's commentary. Thanks for the news, Jody.
Click here to order A DIRTY SHAME.
Click here to pre-order CRY BABY.

There are now new editions of two classic Waters books, TRASH TRIO and SHOCK VALUE. Shock Value has the same cover as the previous edition, but a new introduction. And Trash Trio has a new cover and title - PINK FLAMINGOS AND OTHER FILTH! Thanks for the tip, Felix.
Click here to order SHOCK VALUE.

Daniele reports that there’s a new book in Italy on John Waters by Vito Zagarrio. She said it's a very complete monograph and a very unique thing for Italian market. If you read Italian, click here to learn more.

Besides his usual work with the Provincetown International Film Festival, John will be exhibiting work at the Albert Merola Gallery from June 17 through July 7. Visit albertmerolagallery.com for more info. Thanks Jim!

The exhibit CHANGE OF LIFE opened in Pittsburgh at the Andy Warhol Museum last month. In July, Mr. Waters will be performing his one-man show "This Filthy World" at the Byan Theater. Tickets cost $25 and can be ordered by calling 412.456.6666 or online at pgharts.org. Thank you for the news, William.

In conjunction with the exhibition, The Warhol will also present a film series entitled, “Films That Corrupted John Waters.” The series will feature eight films that Waters has chosen as having had an influence on his own creative work. Films include Joseph Losey’s Boom, Richard Fleischer’s Mandingo and Jacques Nolot’s Porn Theater among others. Screenings will take place on Good Fridays and Saturday afternoons in July and August.

It's all about the UK this month. A DIRTY SHAME was finally released in theaters last week. So check your local listings. It's also in the line up for 2005 Queer Up North festival in Manchester on Friday May 6. For more info, check their site. Thanks to Duncan and Choco Cub for the news.

In other Brit news, it seems Boy George has put out another auto-biography called "Straight" which references John throughout. And an article called "Shock Value" in the Guardian credits Waters and Matt Groening as the key figures in our changed landscape of pop culture and what is considered acceptable in media. Wow - thanks for the link Gregory!

For all you Londoners, check out "The Flaming Cave Lounge" - a new Thursday night party at South Central - inspired both visually and latterly by John Waters and Divine. And the promoter (known for Horsemeat Disco, the best party on a Sunday) has offered free entry to Dreamland Fans if you utter the word "Dreamland" at the door. Thanks Mark and Jim - I can't wait to check it out myself in May!

John is interviewed in a new documentary (gee, he get's interviewed for a lot of doco's, huh?) about queery legend Peter Berlin. THAT MAN PETER BERLIN is playing in festivals around the world, so check their site to see when it's hitting your area. Thanks for the link, Brian.

Back on this side of the pond, it's time again for the Maryland Film Festival. And as always, John hosts his pick for the fest. This year it's LA CHATTE A DEUX TETES (The Pussy With Two Heads). The title has been changed for the festival to Porn Theatre. It's showing Saturday, May 7th @ 8pm at The Charles Theatre.

Fans in Europe will be happy to learn that A DIRTY SHAME is being released theatrically in the UK, Switzerland (6/3), France (6/8) and Germany, despite any rumours to the contrary (which you may have read on this very page!). John will be doing a European promotional tour, so keep your ear to the ground and you may get a chance to meet the master himself.

The US release of the DVD is scheduled for June and will come in two versions: the original NC-17 version and an R-rated "neuter" version for outlets that won't carry NC-17 films (like Blockbuster and other evil empires).

But even more exciting for John Waters fans is the news that a DVD release of CRY BABY is also scheduled for this summer -- and it's a Director's Cut!

There are 3 books in the works. Shock Value will be reissued with a new intro by Simon Doonan. Trash Trio will also get a new life as Pink Flamingos and Other Filth complete with new photos. And the screenplays for Hairspray, Female Trouble and Multiple Maniacs will be collected in a new volume in the fall.

Waters' show Change of Life will be opening at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh next month, and by all means go if you can. Because John has been given first crack at curating a concurrent show of Andy's porn collection. I hope to make the pilgrimage to Pittsburgh myself for that one.

If you live down under, there's apparently a new release of The Girl Can't Help It on DVD with an introduction from Mr. Waters. No word on if or when this Jayne Mansfield classic will reach other shores. Read more here.

John is featured in Tokion magazine this month. Read more here.

And finally, an extra big thanks to everyone who emailed me with news last month. I'm always happy to hear from you.

Hi folks - the big news this month is a bit of a scandal.
Apparently, John Travolta is in talks to appear as Edna in the filmed version of HAIRSPRAY - THE MUSICAL. This new version is not being directly by John Waters. It is an adaptation of the Broadway show. However, the folks who created that successful musical are not happy with this turn of events. They are very strongly pushing for the casting of Harvey Fierstein, obviously. But ultimately it will be New Line's decision, as they're releasing the film. I will keep you posted as this story develops...

In other news, A DIRTY SHAME is supposed to be released on DVD in the US on March 22nd. The original release was in April, so don't hold me to that date!

I have news for some of our European fans.
Warner Bros Switzerland finally releases A DIRTY SHAME in limited release on April 14.
Unfortunately there will be no theatrical release in Germany. It's going straight to DVD in early summer.
If you live in Reykjavik, there will be a theatrical release next month as well, so check local listings.
English theater-goers will soon have a chance to see Hairspray the Musical as it just being cast now.

Thanks to Felix, Hot Scott, Thomas, Duncan and Bboy G for the news.

A lot of people (and boy do I mean a LOT) have been writing from the UK begging to know when A DIRTY SHAME would be hitting theaters across the pond. I have to admit I do not know when it's coming out. However, I was informed that it would be sometime this spring. So please, hold your horses! I don't have further information at this time but as soon as I do, I will post it here.

I have also had a lot of queries about the DVD release in the US. Hot Scott reports that it's projected for April. That's preliminary too, so keep checking the news page and I'll keep you in the loop.

In HAIRSPRAY - THE MUSICAL news, be warned that little Kelly Osbourne is making it known that she wants the Tracey Turnblad role in the movie. Also - the stage version will hit Sin City - Las Vegas - in November. Opening at the Luxor Hotel's theater, it will be edited down to a 90 minute show from it's original 2 hour running time.

John himself made some news last month when his December NPR appearance ruffled some feathers of the public radio audience. Apparently his show about the John Waters Christmas CD contained some language which some listeners objected to (see January's news for a link to the show). The NPR Ombusdman responds here. Thanks for the tip, Noel.

John is one of many people interviewed about the legendary porno-chic monument, DEEP THROAT, in the documentary Inside Deep Throat. Thanks for the link, Jep and Paul.

Happy New Year, Dreamlanders.

If you find yourself in New Orleans this winter, make sure to visit the Arthur Roger Gallery. They'll be exhibiting a show of John Waters photographs from January 8th through February 26th. Visit their site for more information. Thanks to Scott for the news.

There's a new documentary called GUERILLA: THE TAKING OF PATTY HEARST. It's touring the country right now, so check their site to find out when it's playing in your city.

John did an interview about his Christmas CD on NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO in December. In case you missed it, it's archived on thier site. Check it out. Thanks to Scott and Sarah for the tip.

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