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Alana Miller's Nite at the Premiere of "Cecil B. Demented"

the Senator marqueeOnce again, I had the privilege of attending the premiere of a John Waters' original. This time was made even more special by the company of the incredibly fun and talented super fan and webmaster, Jeff Jackson. Thanks to the direction of Beth Waldron, an ever so cool young lady with whom I e-mailed for over four years, I discovered "Dreamlandnews.com". My first visit to this website was in 1995 when the site was called, "Welcome to Dreamland". I bookmarked it immediately. Later, I bookmarked "Dreamland has moved". It wasn't until I met Jeff at the premiere of "Cecil B. Demented" that I discovered I had been missing out on a lot of wonderful insight into Jeff's own interesting life. I recommend that anyone who visits this website be sure to click on "Jeff Jackson", (below his e-mail address).

Jeff, his father, my friend Nicole and I got to the premiere early enough to hang out, take pictures and get to know each other. The four of us ran around like little kids at a circus which, thanks to John, we are indirectly encouraged to do. By the time we entered the theater, most of the seats were taken. This turned out to be a good thing, because the four of us sat in the very first row, orchestra. From this vantage point, we were able to see the pre-screening presentation and get the shots Jeff took for his CBD section of his website.

The four of us must have looked pretty comical trying to watch the movie, once it started. Anyone who has ever watched a movie from that angle knows you miss much of the whole picture and end up feeling like your neck is broken. I always watch John's films more than once but, in this case, it will be a necessity. I look forward to it.

Alana & PatAlana & Bob

Again, thanks to Jeff's website, I now have tickets to John's October lecture at Lisner Auditorium, GWU's Foggy Bottom location in Washington, DC. Hope to see many of you there. If you recognize me, say hello.

Alana Miller's Nite at the Pecker Premiere

"I attended the premiere of Pecker on Wednesday night, 16 September and the party after at the Paradox in Baltimore. I finally got to meet John who far exceeded my expectations of the most gracious and adorable celebrity in the universe. I had always heard from people who had met him that he was very accessable and friendly but having the experience myself was something I'll never forget.

As he was walking into the Senator theater, after being interviewed outside, I was standing in his path and as he walked by I put out my hand and he shook it and smiled into my face and said, "Hi, how are you?" as if he had known me all his life. I noticed that when he talks to anyone, that person has his full attention. John never looks around at other people while talking to you. I got to sit three seats away from him before the movie started and was right in front while he gave his brief speech. He's so lovely, gentlemanly, and humble, not to mention the funniest person ever. His parents were there and he thanked them for encourageing him in his every endevor, even when they didn't agree with him.

Alana & John At the party I was able to have my picture taken with him.

Another wonderful surprise was seeing my friend Tim (Marvin Pickle in Serial Mom) in a huge part in Pecker. He plays one of the New York Snobs and does it VERY well. He and his friend were at the party and I was able to talk with them. Bob Adams was also there and we got to talk a bit.

I do want to mention that ... AIDS Action Baltimore, the receipients of the proceeds from the premiere, [are] a wonderful group of people and $75 a ticket was a bargain when considering it went to such a worthy cause."

Be sure to check out Alana's visit pictures from a back alley in Baltimore!