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In Love with Waters

At the tender age of 12 I was introduced to the earlier works of John Waters. During a nice little slumber party one of my friends handed me a VHS cassette that she snuck out of her parents secret stash for us to watch. The movie was Desperate Living. We all watched intently, with mouths hanging wide open in disbelief as to what we just witnessed. I think I was the only one that enjoyed the movie. What an awesomely weird movie.

10 years later I went to Suncoast to find it. They didn't have Desperate Living but they did have Pink Flamingo's. I had never heard of it or saw it (that I could remember) and I thought it had to be good because it was by the same director. At this time I didn't realize he also did Crybaby which was my most favorite movie when it came out. I watched it so many times, along with Hairspray. So I bought Pink Flamingo's and watched it as soon as I got home. After watching it I thought, "This is the kind of movie I have always wanted to see." I was also shocked that they had this movie at Suncoast. I really don’t think they knew what they had. Hahaha !!!! I also felt some weird connection to it, like I was there when it was filmed or I had just seen it before when I was REALLY young.

The next day and following week I printed out everything I could find on the net on John Waters. This site was here but there was only about 10 fans in the fan section and there really wasn’t too much else on the net. Interviews, biography's, interviews with the actors of his films etc. I put all the information neatly in folders for future veiwing. One of my father's friends even gave me an original Odorama card. I also bought Director's cut (which I later got him to sign right at the end of 12 assholes and a dirty foot), Trash Trio and Shockvalue. I own almost all the movies now except Crybaby and Serial Mom. I finally got to meet John during a book signing in Ann Arbor MI. I was star struck. I also ended up getting his face tattooed on my arm, which I am going to cover/change cause it looks like a vagina on my arm.