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How do I become
a Dreamland Fan?

Sky Rockford is a SCRAPE... part Square - part Drape!

I'm am a third year student studying Visual Culture in England and I am writing my Dissertation on John Waters, (concentraiting on him and his fans).

My first encounter with John Waters was at 12 when I watched a late night screening of Cry Baby. The 1950's backdrop appealed to me, the women were curvy and then men had quiffs, less mainstream, more dangerous than Grease.

The cast was full of people I recognised like Iggy Pop, Johnny Depp and Rikki Lake. I was stuck in an all girls comprehensive in Kings Cross, London, dreaming of co-education and Cry Baby seemed to have all the answers.

The character Alison Vernon Williams who transforms from boring, well behaved bourgeois girl to sexy Scrape - part Square, part Drape - really apealed to me. Here was somebody who was made better by constructing a character from the sum of her several parts instead of having to trade in one aspect of her character for another. She has her cake and eats it too and who wouldnt if Johnny Depp was involved!

I taped the film and watched it about 3 times a week until it got recorded over by a bored family member. Devastated I had to find out more: who made the film? What else had he made? It was amazing and sooo different from my school in North London. I loved the style, bad boys, bad girls, the make over and of course Johnny Depp. I desperately wanted to be a drape but unfortunately I think I'm a natural square. Oh well, you cant win them all.

Sky C Rockford