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Shaboobie Boobarella: An Ode(orama) to John Waters

1983 Melbourne, Australia. I was 7. My family loved John Waters and we owned a copy of Polyester. I had an Odorama card - I still recall some of the foul scents wafting from it. I wasn't really allowed to watch it, but lay under the couch. I could see everything from there including Desperate Living and Pink Flamingos. I knew them well by the age of 8! My mother called me 'Taffy' when I was a brat, and when I was lazy, I was called Queen Carlotta.

It's funny now, but it used to infuriate me. When Divine died in 1988, it was terribly sad (like the murder of Marvin Gaye a few years earlier). In 1990, I saw Cry Baby at the movies and fell in love with every thing, person and song in that film. When I graduated from high school in 1993, I played 'High School Hellcats' over the PA system.

I then proceeded to perform warped and humorous dance routines for my father's 'Country and Eastern' band and began my dalliance with absurd choreography (including tap dancing to Jimi Hendrix and cabaret routines to 'The Roach'). I also became obsessed with 1960's dance and the film Hairspray backed up this love. I still have to get up and do the Madison Time whenever I see it! I also read Shock Value and Crackpot and came to adore the mental mechanics of Mr. Waters even more. His aesthetic of what makes an actor interesting matches my own, and it's very magnificent to watch characters who are actually characters - not just cardboard cutouts with a straightening iron and an eating disorder. The cast of A Dirty Shame are my type of people - and I find that film a zillion times sexier than some Brad Pitt lunk. The world would be black and white without our hero, John. Or maybe just grey.

I moved to Vancouver in 2004 and continued my dancing career as a woman of Burlesque. I am able to express my love of kitsch, sequined costumes, GoGo dances and general theatrical dementia through this medium. In this time, I have had the pleasure of meeting two of my icons - Eartha Kitt and Burt Bacharach. More than anyone else in this starry universe, The Pope of Trash is the next feather I wish to put in my cap, and then I shall be in utter (or udder) heaven. I love you, John! And I wish the Pope many more years of madness and creative hi jinks. Where would we be without him? That remains to be scene..