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How do I become
a Dreamland Fan?

- Christopher Caligula

"John Waters' work is a huge part of my life. I owe my extreme interest in film to him and feel safe saying that I am OBSESSED with Waters and everything about him. He is a Genius!

My obsession started when I was introduced to his masterpiece PINK FLAMINGOS, my favorite movie.

After PF, I wanted to collect all of Divine's films, because he was my favorite of all Waters' characters (with David Lochary a close second). I came across a movie store that was going out of business and I got three Waters movies for less than ten dollars! That started my collection - today I own every one (except his first three, which were never distributed). On JW's birthday I throw a party with fellow film fans and show them all in chronological order.

I wanted to learn everything I could about Waters... so I got his books and other related items like Divine Trash, Divine Live at the Haçienda, an interview with John on Conan O'Brein - and my personal favorite - my custom made Divine shirt that reads: "THE FILTHIEST PEOPLE ALIVE." I own most everything that was made for Pink Flamingos; the movie, poster, soundtrack, shirt, and script.

When I first saw PF I honestly watched it twice a week for awhile, then I slowed down to once every other week. Now I don't watch it as often, but I always show when I first meet someone because it's makes the greatest first impression. My favorite lines are "You are being charged with Asshole-ism!" and "WE ARE THE FILTHIEST PEOPLE ALIVE!"

One day soon I hope to meet him so he can autograph me. I'd get it tattooed on next to a pink flamingo lawn ornament. I know another fan already followed through with this plan [that's EVE SEVERE y'all - our very first DREAMLAND FAN!], but I liked it so much after seeing CECIL B. DEMENTED that I wanted one too. I love when Cecil prays "Oh, Andy Warhol we worship you from the new cinema underground!" That's a great line!

I someday hope to be an equally great filmmaker as John Waters. He is my idol, I look up to him and most everything that he does. I'm a fan of his films as well as a fan of him."

A few months later, Chris emailed me to say he met "THE BIG BOSS!"

"Well i traveled on a 10 hour 700 mile journey from Louisville, KY to Baltimore, MD to Meet JOHN WATERS and I DID! I met him at the Charles Theater – watched SERIAL MOM in the theater and then John came out and spoke for about an hour.

And I shit you not... he let me film the first 20 minutes of it! Then after he finished his lecture, he said he would sign autographs in the lobby. I jumped to the end of the line so that I could have more time with him. When I got up to him, I blurted out "you're my IDOL!!!" and John just looked at me. I then told him that I came all the way from Louisville and that I'd been sleeping in my car for the past few days. I asked him if he would sign every one of my films and he did – plus all 3 books. Then i asked if I could interview him on film – and he agreed! I rushed in about 12 questions because he was in a hurry to be somewhere. I had a great time with him and I even made him laugh. He was so AWESOME!

Then on top of that... Saturday I went to Flashback to meet Bob Adams whom I hung out with and he gave me his personal address and told me to write. Bob also gave me a $30 free gift package with everything from CBD postcards to the Odor-rama card to a CBD poster to the original Serial Mom premier ticket. It was so cool!

I got pictures of both John and Bob and pictures with them. Bob showed me where the Senator and Apex Theaters are (where CBD took place). He even invited me over to his house to show me scapbooks!