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The confessions of Maxwell Drake

I first felt the tainted calling of John's films when only a mere child. I had stolen my older brother's video rental card and gone to buy porn. I covertly crept over to the Bi-curious section and started nosing around. It was a small town so there was no gay or lesbian section in the porn area. I guess the subtle message was that if you ever graduated past being simply curious, you were shit outta luck.

Among the sticky boxes was something that looked slightly out of place. The only thing that hinted at its lascivious nature was the logo in the upper corner, which read saliva films, with a slobbering tongue licking the text. On the main body of the box's cover was what looked like a huge fat woman, brandishing a gun. I was hooked. I took it home and so began my love affair with Divine and John Waters. I had to hide the lesser milk-toast porn from my insanely religious parents, and in due course returned them in the drop box, but I kept that copy of Pink Flamingos.

Ironically, several months later the video store that I had stolen it from blew up after a gas leak in the basement.

It was the perfect crime and I feel that the gods of filth had intervened through my hands to save the film from destruction.

These images are of large scale paintings from an art series I did entitled "Femme Fatales" in which I did paintings of naughty ladies from cult cinema. I hope you like them.

Anyone who happens to have a myspace account can check out others in the series on my page.

Thank you John Waters for a lifetime of laughter and enjoyment

Maxwell Drake