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How do I become
a Dreamland Fan?

The USA is A-OK with Massimiliano!

I started to be a dreamlander since I saw "Polyester", the first John Waters' movie I've ever seen. I was struck down by both the bright and witty performance of Divine and the dark and cheerful sense of humour of the director, pointing out the failures of the american way of life. Then "Hairspray" and "Serial mom" came along wich confirmed my attachement to the "Pope of trash".

Being a catholic I simply thought it was the right thing to do. But it was only a pair of years ago when I became addicted to the John Waters' world. I bought his early movies and when I watched "Female trouble" a new world was revealed to me.

Well to cut short on a long story, now I know that John Samuel Waters is a GENIUS, sadly underrated. I simply love the way he's got to show the darkness and contradictions in wich, not only the USA, but all the world lives. I firmely believe that it's a true achievement the fact of beeing able to perform such a task by laugh and amusement.

There is another thing too. He helped my a lot to love and understand America. For a long time I've been, for many reasons, a snobbish, silly european, who used to look down at that country, too much old-fashioned, I dare say. Now I've made up my mind. The country wich gave birth to such a splendid person has to be great. John Waters has helped my to get rid of many prejudices I had, not only towards the USA.