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How do I become
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Billy Franklinstein

I love John Waters because I love movies. John Waters is the essence of independent film. He didn't care about anything but putting his vision to film. You can see Him in his films.

The Dreamlanders were Punk Rock at its finest, before there was even such a thing (and before it became lame ass bubble gum pop).

I first became aware of Mr. Waters' work when i was a bored, teenage punk rocker living in a rual Georgia town, fresh from Orange County California. I had no friends due to the fact i was "weird" looking and nowhere to ride my skateboard due to the miles of hills and rocks with nary a small parking lot to be seen for miles. Needless to say, my Saturday nights were wide open.

I used to watch a show on the USA network called "Nightflight." It would show little things about underground or "cutting edge" culture, and obscure films and the like, and Divine was blowing up the club charts with her single "I'm So Beautiful." So they did this profile thing on Her career, and that, my friends, was when my life changed.

They proceeded to show a clip from "Multiple Maniacs" where She was raped by the giant lobster. I was HOOKED! Sadly to say, I was unable to see any of His work until sometime later when my parents finally started feeling like me (only much too late for my fragile teenage sensibilities to handle! HA HA!!) and we packed our things and moved to the bustling metropolis of Chattanooga, TN. Not Atlanta, but better than where I was before.

I found a video store that had "Female Trouble," "Mondo Trasho," "Desperate Living" and, of course, "Pink Flamingos." Well, I kept them, and the rest is history.

Now, I am a 30 year old overweight stoner tattoo artist who listens to Hank Williams and Fu-Manchu in pretty heavy rotation,and wouldn't even think of trying to stand on a skateboard, but I still love John Waters more than ever! I watch a JW flick at LEAST twice a week (I watch "Frankenstein" quiet a bit too... but hey!) and I try and pick up whatever memorabilia I can find.

I sit on the computer quite a bit, which has given me the opportunity to play with some graphics programs, to try and add to my artistic repertoire, and this portrait of the Master was my first serious attempt at anything. I have honed my skill up since then,and plan to do one of Divine.

His work has changed my life, helped me laugh when all I wanted to do was die, and showed me that my life could be worse!! I love him very much.

Here's a scan of my most prized item to date, my autographed pic of Mink Stole as Taffy!

I had her sign it "Billy, I wouldn't suck your lousy (you know the rest), love Mink"! She was such a sport! My biggest fear was that she would think I was some kind of loony pervert, but then again, she's a Dreamlander, so she hooked me up.

My next quest is a pic of Mr. Waters - I guess i will just have to try and meet him!