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The Filth Diva Of Dull-Ass (Dallas), Texxx-Ass:
Joanna Satana!

It was at the Southern Methodist University (!) Film Festival, where they showed Pecker, and then it was on to "Shock Value: An Evening with John Waters"

What can I say but "Full of GRACE!" I was WAAAAY too stunned (or is that stoned) to take in all the filth! AND TO BE WITHIN SPITTING DISTANCE (though I certainly swallow)! But it was a charmingly delightful brilliant talk he gave and then . . . "IT" happened. I was going to actually get to meet HIM. It was unfortunate that I had but a days notice of this event. I had no idea it was going to be as small as it was, and that there was a Q&A session (too much pressure! I couldnt think of anything to ask him!) and THEN I ACTUALLY GOT TO MEET HIM! WHAT WOULD I SAY!? HOW WOULD I ACT!?!?!?

Well the line was moving and my head was spinning but I managed to choke out a Meak..."It is an HONOR to meet you Mr. Waters....you changed my life, and made me what I am today!" He then asked me if I was a student at the university, I said no I wasnt.

My friend then interjected that I made videos and John looked vaguely interested, then I introduced myself as "Joanna Satana and my company name is Cinema Enema" and he seemed maybe slightly intrigued and I got hustled along after a quick photo [see above] and floated off in a cloud of total disbelief.

It was actually a real thrill and I know I'll get to meet him again so I'm not sweatin it at all. Check out the Fox (not mink) Stole around my neck! I was the filthiest person there...next to John. Me in all my Edie Meets Satana Glory! Bustier, 5" Platforms (making me 6'5") And that FOX that is dyed BRIGHT BRIGHT crayon red! I was a sight in a sea of Methodist College students (ACK! KHAKI AND THE GAP!) So theres your Dull-Ass (dallas) review!!! Toodles Poodle!